Our Story

Since 1995, Gonzales Roofing has made a name for itself as the premiere roofing installers for the largest and most well known roof contractors in the Greater Atlanta to Athens area.  If a big name company put your roof on in the past 20 years, it's a good chance we actually installed it.  Now, with over 23 years of experience, we've started working under our own name, without the additional overhead of the large and highly marketed roofing companies.  This allows us to offer you the same quality for less money.

Beyond What's Expected

These are just of the few reasons why you'll want Gonzales Roof Contractor to install your new Roof.

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I had my roof installed three years ago with Dwight and his installers when they worked for another company.  I just sold my home and the new roof allowed me to get my asking price.  I'm looking forward to working with them again, especially now that they've struck out on their own.
Kathy         Lawrenceville, Ga




NO Toeboards are used during the installation of our roofs. Many roofers use Toeboards that will put hole through your new shingles and void the manufactures warranty.

Rope & Harness is used rather than Toeboards so not to void the manufacturer's warranty.  This method also improves the watershed ability of your new roof for years to come.

Roll-Away Dumpsters have rubber tires and leave no scaring or cracks in your driveway.  DRIVEWAY SAFE

NO Dumpster Damage.  Most roofers use the heavy roll-off dumpsters that leave cracks &/or scar your driveway as it's moved.