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I call Dwight anytime one of my investment properties has a roof issue.  He has replaced four of my roofs through insurance approvals & successfully repaired several of my other roofs that didn't qualify for insurance replacement.
                                                                                                             Joe E.



When Choosing a Roofer

  • Roof Repair
  • Gutters 
  • Painting
  • Roof Tune-up (Preventive)
  • Insurance Specialists
  • Drywall Repair

We appreciate this opportunity to earn your business, and understand you have many options when choosing who to trust with your roof.

Here is a Checklist to assist in your decision process.

1. Make sure that your new GAF Roofing System is installed according to manufacturer’s specification.
2. Ask for a copy of the Material List. (Many roofers will attempt to cut costs by substituting with cheaper materials).
3. Confirm that your Installation will include code upgrades, including Drip edge installed on the rakes and eaves.
4. Confirm that the price includes, that all Flashing will be replaced as needed. Also, that all rotten decking will be replaced.
5. Our installers all wear a rope & harness rather than using Toe-boards that will damage your roof and risk voiding your GAF warranty.
6. Ask if a Metal Dumpster will be used or Roll-away dumpster. (Metal dumpsters tend to scar your driveway while our roll-away doesn’t.)
7. Ask for pictures of each stage of installation so that you have proof of what’s installed under your shingles.

A Cheap Deal isn’t always a Good Deal!
                                           So, please use this checklist when comparing contractors, rather than deciding based on price alone.
                                                                                                                                                                                               This isn’t just any roof, it’s YOUR ROOF!